Hampton Roads Times To Hold First Public Forum

The Hampton Roads Times (HamptonRoadsTimes.com) will hold its first public forum for Hampton Roads citizens on Saturday, May 26, at 2 PM at the Virginia Beach Central Library (Meyera Oberndorf Library, 4100 Virginia Beach Blvd, Va. Beach).  Free and open to the public, the informal gathering will give everyone in Southeastern Virginia the opportunity to meet the editor and publisher of Hampton Roads Times (Irwin Berent) in person and learn more about what the HRTimes is doing and planning.  And at the forum, business owners, organization heads — indeed anyone who has a product, project, or idea searching for more publicity, promotion and exposure — can let the Hampton Roads Times editor know what kinds of things they want to see in the magazine.  In so doing, HRTimes seeks to better represent the diverse interests of Hampton Roads, helping fulfill its goal of being a forum for all of the projects, products, services, ideas, and philosophies of Hampton Roads.  For more information, call 757/515-4315.

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