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        To promote your company / organization / project, contact us today!

 t the Hampton Roads Times, advertising and promotion are one and the same. That is, we can give you not only ads but a combination of promotional vehicles, including CarouSells®, listing in the Hampton Roads Gallery, articles about your business/project/topic, your event announcements, mentions/links within pertinent news items, links in menus, and so on, as well as traditional advertisements.

e have four levels of advertising, each designed to fit your particular budget and give your business/organization/project lots of exposure.  (Note that some of our advertising plans also include advertising using CarouSells on our site and permanent use of CarouSells on your own website.  If, however, you do not wish to advertise but you want to purchase CarouSells separately, click here instead.)


     $10 per month (unsubscribe at any time)
or $100 annual payment (savings: $20)

Choose Monthly or Annual:

  Listing in the Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and Organizations (including any of the following desired: screenshot from your website (we'll create one if no website), corporate name, address, phone, email, slogan, and details page)


     $25 per quarter (4 months of advertising)
(unsubscribe at any time)

Choose Quarterly:

  Listing in the Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and Organizations (including any of the following desired: screenshot of main website (we'll create one if no website), corporate name, address, phone, email, slogan, and details page); priority position above lesser level (i.e., above Basic Level listings)

                        ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  Display in Featured Places CarouSell

  Ads of different sizes strategically placed for maximal exposure on key webpages, and linked to your preferred website

  At least one link to ad, or to your website, from main page.

  (Free upon request) Creation of one-page website within the Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and Organizations (e.g., www.HamptonRoadsTimes.com/JoesCars), optimized for search engines (we can create it or you can provide your own)

  (Free upon request) Placement of your ad within an HRTimes article or articles on a subject related to the subject of your ad

  (Free upon request) Assistance with creating your ad(s)

  (Free upon request) Changes/adjustments to your ad (up to 1 change per month)


     $50 first quarter-year (4 months of advertising)
($25 per quarter thereafter)
(unsubscribe at any time)

Choose 1st Quarter or Later Quarter:

  All Standard Features same as those in Pro Level plan, plus:
Your own CarouSell in the Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and Organizations (custom-designed CarouSell with images of your choice, reflecting your products or services). And you are also entitled to use the CarouSell on your own website — so it's yours to keep (and modify as desired)!

                        ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  All Additional Features are same as those in Pro Level plan


     $100 per quarter (unsubscribe at any time)

Choose Quarterly:

  All Standard Features same as those in CarouSell Level plan, plus:
Various mentions of "Sponsored by [your company/org/self]" (and similar terminology), customized to your needs

                        ADDITIONAL FEATURES (free upon request):

  All Additional Features are same as those in CarouSell Level plan

Customize your ad plan to your specific needs by contacting us either before or after purchasing your ad. We'll work with you to develop an advertising plan that fits your needs and gives you just the right balance of publicity approaches. Contact us today! Call our Sales Dept at (757) 855-1272 (or 866-855-1272).

 e offer many ways of promoting your business or organization. These include...

     Traditional and sidebar ads (such as 468x60 or 768x106 banner ads, 232x60 or 382x106 half-banner ads, 128x129 or 128x185 sidebar ads, 150x143 top ads, etc., as well as customized sizes)

     Gallery of Featured Businesses and Organizations (may include CarouSell®, screenshot, webpage(s), description, history, link to your site, etc.)

     Text links within menus

     Feature articles and reviews, and more.

Here are a few of the features you can get when you purchase advertising on Hampton Roads Times:

     • Display Ads for Maximum Impact
Distributed on multiple pages throughout the site, online display ads let you deliver compelling visual messages at a fraction of what television or print ads would cost. Ads come in a variety of sizes, can contain animation and even video, and can click directly to the desired page of your website.

     • Bedazzling CarouSells
We design your very own CarouSells®, the most powerful way to make exploring your information and wares easy and fun!  We design them to get you noticed.  (More about the CarouSell.)

     • Section and Site Sponsorships
Occupy a premier position on a section or even the entire website. Sponsorships include extensive promotion as well as ads.

     • Featured Article/Review*
The topic can be about your business/organization, a project, a product, the industry/field generally, or whatever subject is within your field of expertise or knowledge. Will appear in section — usually a blog — devoted to your particular topic. (In some instances, we can assist you in writing/editing.)
* Note: We happily accept articles that meet our editorial standards. However, although we strive to provide a forum for all worthy businesses and organizations, we do not necessarily endorse products, services, or projects, but rather prefer to allow our readers to exercise their own good tastes and judgements.
     • Flexible Plans
We can build a promotional plan customized to fit your needs, whether you want to drive people to your website or get them into your store. We can even tailor a complete marketing plan that will still stay well within your budget.

     • We Can Design Your Ad
Want a great-looking ad but don't have the time or skill? Our designers will develop it for you, in many instances either FREE or at significanly reduced charge.

     • Enhanced Advertising Opportunities
We frequently increase the amount of exposure and publicity your ads receive in exchange for articles, leads (for instance, contacts with other businesses/organizations that you feel would benefit from advertising on HRTimes), links, and other mutually advantageous arrangements.

Again, all of these are flexible. Contact us to get the best combination of options for your particular ad(s). To purchase ads, click here.


To promote your company / organization / project, contact us today!

     • Maximal Exposure / Permanent Presence
Our approach is to find the best combination of any or all of those methods to give you the maximum amount of exposure... and to maintain that exposure continually and even permanently (within our permanent archives and other permanent sites).

What We Will Not Accept:
• We do not accept ads for ringtones, screensavers, adult sales or anything spyware/adware-related.
• We do not accept ads for sites with too many intrusive ads or popups.

For complete pricing, and to discuss your advertising/promotional needs, please contact us via our email form or call our Sales Dept. at (757) 515-4315.

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